Clothes That Tell A Story

One of the many reasons I love consignment clothing and accessories is learning about brands that have a great history and products that have stories to tell. There are many luxury brands in the world, some you may recognize easily and others not. Truth be told, I was not aware of the T. Anthony brand and when I learned about it's remarkable history, I wanted to share.
Theodore Anthony (T. Anthony LTD), started his business in 1946 and put himself on the map when he made custom bags for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor like this one shown below.
In 1950, Marilyn Monroe, requested a T. Anthony collection that is still being made 70 years later.  (Photo Credit: T. Anthony LTD)
In 1960, Jackie O. had a signature blue luggage designed for her. (Photo Credit: T. Anthony LTD) 
Sir Elton John isn't known for traveling light. The British press published a photograph of him leaving London's Heathrow Airport for a California vacation with no-less than 42 T. Anthony suitcases. (Photo Credit: T. Anthony LTD)
President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan traveled with the classic canvas T. Anthony bags. Ronald went with black, while Nancy had red, similar to the bag below. (Photo Credit: T. Anthony LTD
Today, T. Anthony remains an American luxury goods house in New York City, manufacturing highly skilled leather along with unique and elegant products.
A Twist Boutique consignor and Manhattan resident purchased both luggage and leather purses from the T. Anthony store on the upper East Side. This beautiful black woven leather purse was part of her collection, never used but cherished. Purchased for $2500, the bag is listed for $950. #clothesthattellastory

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