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Clothes That Tell A Story

One of the many reasons I love consignment clothing and accessories is learning about brands that have a great history and products that have stories to tell. There are many luxury brands in the world, some you may recognize easily and others not. Truth be told, I was not aware of the T. Anthony brand and when I learned about it's remarkable history, I wanted to share. Theodore Anthony (T. Anthony LTD), started his business in 1946 and put himself on the map when he made custom bags for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor like this one shown below. In 1950, Marilyn Monroe, requested a T. Anthony collection that is still being made 70 years later.  (Photo Credit: T. Anthony...

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Holiday Style: Keep it simple by adding a few key pieces

As you RSVP for holiday events, is your next thought ‘what should I wear’?  For some, special occasions cause a 180-degree turn on their closet, while others balance what they have by adding pieces with sparkle and texture. For women with simple style—an approach that relies on a strong collection of basics and never feels contrived, instead, a fancy social situation is more of an invitation to compose a look that’s sleek and festive. Here are a few examples:  

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